It can be risky for you and your relationship, but absolutely necessary


Your friend, a love, a family member seems different. Maybe they have withdrawn from their relationships. Maybe their moods seem dark. They are in emotional pain. Their use of alcohol and drugs has increased. Something is wrong. You have tried to boost their mood, calm them, or draw them out…

“Ashes to ashes: we all fall down”: a year of mourning

This piece is about feelings of loss following suicide. It is not at all graphic. For support around issues of suicide, call 800 273 8255 (National Suicide Prevention)

It is November again.

It is the time for leaves to surrender their sturdy colors, to cling to their branches, but then succumb to gravity, and…

An old tree tells the story of the promise, the heartbreak, and strength of a lost marriage.

Nothing stays, or stays the same.

A tree dwarfs two exuberant travelers wearing celebration clothes. They are surrounded by dances of love and joy.

Promises are made.

The oak is majestic — like it had no beginning, and certainly no end. Its expanse is breathtaking. Its branches are sturdy and long. …

It’s not just divorce that hurts kids. Infidelity brings a whole world of pain.

Let me get this out on the table.

First, as a clinical psychologist, I helped a number of couples negotiate the decision and the process of ending a marriage. I worked with the children to try to help them find ways to dealing with one of the major punches in the gut of growing up. …

Martha Manning, Ph.D.

Martha Manning, Ph.D is a writer and clinical psychologist, loves the marriage of darkness and humor. Depression sufferer. Mother. Growing older without grace,

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